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2014: 10 Predictions for Imagery

Welcome to 2014!! We're looking forward to lots of new things this year!! We're welcoming new clients and starting new projects all in a new SLICK workspace!! As with most of life there are many things you can't predict but, trends are something you can follow.
Rebecca Swift from Getty Images predicts the image trends that we'll be sifting through in 2014.
1) 2014 will be the year of lens flare

It is everywhere — movies, TV shows, fashion and advertising. What was previously perceived as a technical error is now a visual representation of the moment.
2) Accumulated experience over accumulated possessions
Rather than aspiring to own flashy cars and the latest flat screen TVs, we value travel, special days out and learning new skills. This is reflected in the shift towards imagery that represents “doing” rather than “owning”. 
3) Diverse women
The rise of realistic perceptions of women in fashion and beauty advertising is an ongoing trend that is not going to disappear in 2014. The diversity of women will be increasingly represented through the portrayal of many different factors; from age and ethnicity, to lifestyle choices and business power.
4) Edible inspiration
Instagram and its ilk have turned food photography on its head. Pictures of overly stylized food look both inedible and untrustworthy – in friends’ snaps we trust. Expect to see restaurants, cafes, food manufacturers and recipe books adopt this more authentic aesthetic in the coming year.
5) Collaboration will be a key concept for 2014
We anticipate brands making more of working together, joining forces and collaborating with their customer base (crowdsourcing). Sharing creativity will be massive.
6) Man and machine are going to meld
When information communication technologies were first invented, there was a fear that AI would take over, and machines would become human. Conversely, today the fear is that humans are becoming machine-like: data driven, less emotionally involved, less able to connect on a personal level. We expect to see the relationship between man and machine visualized in 2014 via imagery representing bionics or bio-robotics.
7) Short yet sweet
One of the biggest social media trends in the next 12 months will be 5-7 second storytelling. Clickable videos, Vine, animated Gifs — all use small pieces of moving media to capture attention and tell a story quickly, but effectively.
8) Voyeurism will be everywhere
Not in a creepy way, but in the sense of observing without intruding, whether through the use of the latest “capture” technology (wearable, nano or drone) or viewing people’s worlds without disrupting the intimacy. Voyeurism is the rejection of all things constructed and stylized. There's also a new app that allows people to anonymously send/ receive 12 second snippets of their lives, anywhere in the world!
9) Supernatural forces will prevail
In recent years there has been a fascination with the idea of the supernatural, of creatures of fantasy living amongst us. Vampires, werewolves and witches will continue to be well represented in TV schedules and movie releases in 2014.
10) Ethnicity in advertising
The next year will see a broadening of the ethnic mix of models featured in advertising.

I looks like 2014 is going to be full new image trends! We're looking forward to all that 2014 has in store for us.

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