Monday, December 16, 2013

Interactive Design: London's New Year's Eve Experience

When you think of ringing in the New Year you almost ALWAYS think of Fireworks. And, like most of us, if you've seen one fireworks show you've seen them all.

But, if you're celebrating New Year's Eve 2014 along London's South Bank, you'll be experiencing the usual fireworks in a brand new way.

Prepare for the world's first multi-sensory fireworks display! 

Food scientists Bompass & Parr will release "floating orange bubbles, and when you pop them you will get this really zesty Spanish orange flavor coming out, you will have peach snow coming from the sky and banana confetti that is edible."

We're going to actually let people tast the fireworks. And they're fruity. You will see red in the sky, and you'll smell strawberry," Bompass added.

That's a pretty unique spin to a fairly traditional celebration!

And, according to Mayor Boris Johnson, "London is after all the city of firsts and this approach to our New Year's Eve celebration will add to the magic on the night, whether experienced at home or in town."

Plus, the first-ever London New Year's Eve fireworks app will add to the experience of watching the display from home.

What a truly creative way to make News Year's Eve fully interactive! Start 2014 with a tasty burst of inspiration!

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via: DailyMail

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