Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Make-Up Inspiration: Creating Outside the Lines

Who else has a Make-up Addiction?! Or, maybe just an Addiction to beautiful, inspiring Art...

Italian make-up artist Angie Y's skills are exquisite! Who says we have to paint inside the lines?! While most of the time our canvas is flat, there's no reason we can't think beyond the the normal brush strokes.

Angie Y puts it perfectly:
"I love beauty in all her expressions and I love to combine elegance, style, and creativity in my work to show that all women are beautiful and special, because beauty is more than just skin deep, it is about capturing your essence and showing it to the world."

There's no time like the now to try something different!

The world's your canvas... and that canvas has texture, contrast, and curves! Use those unique bits to your advantage and bust out a design that's "outside the lines".

SLICK Creative: Fresh Squeezed Creative

-Stay Fresh!

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